CC Choreography Competition 2020 BLITZ

Due to Covid-19, our May 14th live event was cancelled... 

But that won't stop us!


 WIN the title of

CC's Choreographer of the YEAR for 2020!

Choose either current entries or from out of the vault!

That's right, you can enter ANY DANCE from ANY YEAR, even ANY DECADE!

 Multiple entries encouraged!

Prizes are based on minimum of 25 entries. Prize amounts will increase as entries increase. 

The MORE entries the BIGGER the Prizes!!!


$25 CND. per dance entry fee

(Each dance is considered an entry.  You are NOT charged per dancer, only per dance!)

Entry Deadline is November 15, 2020

1st prize - $250

2nd prize - $100

3rd prize - $50



WINNERS will be announced at our EXCLUSIVE ONLINE event 

December 15, 2020

You can register your dance by entering your submissions to:

Fill out the registration form found HERE

Enter HERE
for your chance to WIN
Please make sure you check the following boxes to complete your applicaton to the 2020 Competition Blitz ONLINE!

Thanks for entering!  

Good luck on your chance to become

CC Choreography Competition's


OF THE YEAR 2020!!!