_Pressure_  Hannah Peacock, 2019

DANCE:  Pressure

STYLE:  Contemporary Group

STUDIO:  Dancers from Strive Dance Academy

AVERAGE AGE:  15 years old



Gracie George, Jillian Jobs, Nicole Junck, Keltie Mahura, Paige Moench, Kasiah Nava, Veronica Panteluk, Izel Pienaar, Mollie Skinner, Brooklyn Thompson, Kate Tomashewski, Delaney Webber, Claire Welikoklad, Sydney Zens.





The concept behind ‘Pressure’ developed from the exploration in to the demands currently placed upon individuals by society and the stresses we put on ourselves in order to meet these expectations. It is a demonstration of the idea that we cannot continue to go through life at full velocity with overwhelming pressures, without something having to give. The dancers explored movement in varying states of tension and eventually experimented with being completely overwhelmed with pressure as well as completely letting go.