What Makes This Competition Different?

Ballet Dancers
One Day Only!

No need to book hotels or get up early!

Cash Prizes for choreographerS!

WINNING Choreographers are awarded a CASH prize JUST FOR THEM!

Break Dance Crew
Cash Prizes for WINNING GROUPS!

WINNING Groups will be awarded their OWN CASH prize along with a plaque separate from their choreographer's award!

Women in Dance Performance
Choreography counts!

Technique may break a tie, but it's not the first thing our judges are looking for. Wow the judges with something unique and creative and YOU could WIN!

Dramatic Dance
No Categories!

WHAT? That's right,  NO categories! 

In fact there are no separations for the categories at all; No matter your age, no matter your level, no matter the discipline.  

We know, its CRAZY! But remember the judges have their eyes open for WINNING CHOREOGRAPHY!

A tap dance could compete against a ballet dance, a jazz dance, a modern dance, any style!  Any age and any level could compete against any other age or style! It's something different that will captivate the audience because you never know what will happen next!

Old Tap Shoes
LATE Registration deadline!

You don't have to decide what your favourite dance to enter will be until you've already completed the competition circuit to find your true gem!  


Early Bird

-Hold your spot deadline!  

-You already know you're going to have a great number, you just don't know which one(s) yet!  This deadline is for you!  

-Save 5% by entering the early bird deadline of January 1, 2020!


-April 1, 2020