CC Choreography Competition was created by two cousins Nikki & Zoie (whose mom's are sisters with the maiden name Carritt!)  These Carritt Cousins are driven dancers, instructors, fierce business owners and passionate choreographers.   Having spent over 60 years collectively taking their own choreography through the festival circuit, they often found themselves at the end of the season WISHING there was just one more competition for that award winning dance which deserved to be celebrated.  Even if that dance was awarded all season long, the studio owner is faced with making the decision of what to do with scholarship money and where the trophy is kept.  That's where CC Choreography Competition comes in.  If you are in the top three winner showcase, both YOU as the choreographer AND the dance team are awarded CASH prizes so you can take the guess work out of decision making!  Honouring the intense amount of work, creativity, vision, and unique talent of the CHOREOGRAPHERS is the true purpose behind CC Choreography Competition,

and we can't wait to celebrate YOU!